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May 28, 2009

Club Penguin Times Issue #189

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Hey everyone! This newsapaper isn’t really full with information, so I’ll just let you all know the interesting topics!


ninja hanging down

Sooner or later, you’ll be able to know how far you from getting one belt. Sensei has told us that ninja trainees will be able to access this new Card-Jitsu board through their player card inventories, or by clicking on it whenever they’re in a ninja room.

dojo contest

Here’s the upcoming events!

upcoming events


May 14, 2009

Furniture Sneak Peek!

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Hey everyone! There’s a new furniture catalog that’ll be coming out this week, and Billybob gave us a little sneak peek.


Maybe it’ll be our own little magic mirror? Just remember that the party will end on May 17. 😦

The Club Penguin staff thought it would be cool if some of us came up with some cool ninja/medieval outfits. Some cool ideas would be ninja knights, ninja princesses, and ninja dragons. Well, whoever has the best “medieval ninja” outfit, will get to have a screenshot of their penguin on Friday’s post.

May 9, 2009

Medieval Party ’09 Cheats

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Hey everyone! Are you enjoying the Medieval Party? Well, I’m here to help some of you out by giving you some cheats.

First of all, pick up your Wizard Hat in the Lighthouse.

Wizard Hat




 After that, go to the Town and click on this poster.

Knights Needed





It’ll take you inside a cave, and in front of a big gate.

Big Gate









Only members are allowed to go inside this cave and do the quest.

Follow these steps to obtain the three free items.

  1. Stand on all of the platforms to light up all of the orbs.
  2. Hit 50 targets, and pick up your free Golden Shield.
  3. Pick up your free Golden Knight’s Helmet. To complete this maze, go downleft, down, right, right, up.
  4. After you complete the maze, pick up your Golden Knight’s Armor! That’s all!

When your done with all that, go to the Gift Shop. In the bottom right-hand corner, there is a scroll. Click on it. I don’t know if you’ve realized, but that’s the Medieval Catalog! All of the items are for members, except one background. Also, be sure to collect your pin in the Boiler Room!

Enjoy the party!

May 7, 2009

Club Penguin Times Issue #186

Hey everyone! A new issue of Club Penguin times came out.

medieval party

The Medieval Party will begin tomorrow! It’ll last ’till Saturday, May 17.

better igloos catalog

You all should start saving your coins, because the new Better Igloos Catalog will be coming out soon! Some great games to play to make money are Puffle Round Up and Aqua Grabber.

viking opera

There’s also going to be a new play coming out tomorrow! It’s called “The Haunting of The Viking Opera.” Seems pretty interesting to me…

Here’s the upcoming events!

upcoming events may 8

April 16, 2009

Club Penguin Times Issue #183

Hello everyone! Club Penguin Times Issue #183 has been released, and has given us interesting information!


You know those inner tubes/toboggans at the Ski Hill? Well, get ready members, because there will be a brand new, improved version of another one that you’ll be able to buy!


There will also be new tunes, available for members, to dance too in the Dance Contest!

Here are the upcoming events!



Be sure to come here tomorrow for the Better Igloo Catalog cheats!

April 9, 2009

Medieval Party News

As you all know, Club Penguin loves to hear our ideas and feedback because they think it helps make Club Penguin a lot better! Their especially excited today because we’ll get to help pick out something special that’ll go in the upcoming catalog. Well, there’s a big party in May, and they wanted us to pick out a background. Here are the sketches:


The picture that we choose will be put into the background for the special party catalog!

By looking at these sketches, I can tell this will be a Medieval Party! What kind of party do you think it’ll be? Comment your answers below!

Do you think this year’s medieval Party will be better than last year or no? I think it’ll get worse than last year since Disney took over it!

March 18, 2009

Snow Sculpture Update

Hey everyone! The Snow Sculpture “Party” is near, and Club Penguin decided to give us a sneak peek. But before that, I wanted to remind you that for 3 weeks, you’ll see five new snow sculptures around the island. They’ll be in different places around the island.

Well, here’s a sneak peek.


Remember, in only a couple of days, the Penguin Play Awards will begin! So, do you have some cool outfit picked out for the Penguin Play Awards? Comment your answers!

March 12, 2009

Happy777 Interviews Snow Sculpture Artist

Hey everybody! There’s been tons of excited chatter about the Snow Sculpture Submissions and many penguins are sending alot of amazing art! With all the buzz, Happy777 thought that we might want an inside scoop from the talented pair of snow sculpture artists.

What do you look for in all the submissions you get? A great submission is fun, imaginative and makes us smile! But there are so many talented and creative artists playing Club Penguin that they’re all making us smile! 

Tell us about making sculptures from a drawing. Is it very difficult? The artist who drew it did the difficult stuff. We get to do the fun part. First we transfer the original drawing onto our computer and create a black and white version so that it kinda looks like a coloring book picture. Then we take it and make it look like it’s made of ice.

If you added flavored syrup to the snow sculptures, would it make them into beautiful, yummy snow cones? Indeed it would! However, you might unintentionally upset the poor artist whose masterpiece would be inside of your belly… :) iceexample.jpg

March 10, 2009

Club Penguin DS Coming To UK!

So many of you from the UK have been waiting to get the Club Penguin Nintendo DS Game: Elite Penguin Force… and the team’s been working really hard to get it to you. We’re very excited to finally tell you that this Friday, March 13, it’ll be available in the UK!! In the UK, it’ll be available at stores including: GAME; Argos; ASDA; Toys”R”Us; HMV. It’ll also be online at:;;

Check the Toy page on Friday for an updated list of places you can get it! And don’t forget that the game comes with a code – you can enter it in Club Penguin to unlock something special. Thanks again for being so patient while we’ve been working on this.

PiplupU A.K.A. Rsnail 1st

March 9, 2009

St. Patrick’s Day Party Update

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Hello Penguins! Remember, starting on Friday, the tradition of Club Penguin’s St. Patrick’s Day Party continues! I can’t wait to see how the whole island will look!

st patty.jpg

There will be lots of surprises over the island, including finding the end of the rainbow! Members will even be able to visit the Leprechaun House to join a big party! So, how are you and your friends planning to get into the spirit of green for the party? Comment your answers below!

PiplupU A.K.A. Rsnail 1st

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