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May 14, 2009

Furniture Sneak Peek!

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Hey everyone! There’s a new furniture catalog that’ll be coming out this week, and Billybob gave us a little sneak peek.


Maybe it’ll be our own little magic mirror? Just remember that the party will end on May 17. 😦

The Club Penguin staff thought it would be cool if some of us came up with some cool ninja/medieval outfits. Some cool ideas would be ninja knights, ninja princesses, and ninja dragons. Well, whoever has the best “medieval ninja” outfit, will get to have a screenshot of their penguin on Friday’s post.


May 7, 2009

Club Penguin Times Issue #186

Hey everyone! A new issue of Club Penguin times came out.

medieval party

The Medieval Party will begin tomorrow! It’ll last ’till Saturday, May 17.

better igloos catalog

You all should start saving your coins, because the new Better Igloos Catalog will be coming out soon! Some great games to play to make money are Puffle Round Up and Aqua Grabber.

viking opera

There’s also going to be a new play coming out tomorrow! It’s called “The Haunting of The Viking Opera.” Seems pretty interesting to me…

Here’s the upcoming events!

upcoming events may 8

April 16, 2009

Club Penguin Times Issue #183

Hello everyone! Club Penguin Times Issue #183 has been released, and has given us interesting information!


You know those inner tubes/toboggans at the Ski Hill? Well, get ready members, because there will be a brand new, improved version of another one that you’ll be able to buy!


There will also be new tunes, available for members, to dance too in the Dance Contest!

Here are the upcoming events!



Be sure to come here tomorrow for the Better Igloo Catalog cheats!

March 5, 2009

Newspaper Issue #177

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Hey Penguins! As You All Know, On Thursday Club Penguin Releases A New Issue Of Club Penguin Times. Anyway, The Penguin Play Awards Will Start On March 20!


You Can Read The Newspaper For More Information.

Well, Here Are The Upcoming Events!



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