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April 30, 2009

Turn Off Beacon Light Glitch

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Mimo777 said that glitch is probaly left over by the Easter Egg Hunt 2009, but I agree with U Fride, this cheat is new cause you can on or off the light anytime you like! You can now turn off the light at the beacon. Just do the same thing as you did during finding the egg at the beacon. Just in case if you don’t know, click the switch bar and the light will turn off right away!



April 27, 2009

1 Million Coins Hack Cheat

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I found this on Youtube and I used my penguin and tested it out and it really worked! So I decided to post the video here and shares it with everyone here!

These are the steps for the cheat:

1) Go on any Club penguin server.

2) Go to the Coffee Shop!

3? Click on the Bean Counter game, before your penguin reaches the Bean Bag, click on your Igloo.

4) When you reach at your igloo, the bean counter game will pop-up. Play the Bean Counter game until you loose.

5) Keep clicking on the “X” ( Exit ) button until you think your money is enough. Then log out!

Tip: This cheat might work for other game too, I recommend Aqua Grabber. You can get 2000+ at once, after that… Tee Hee! 😆

Be careful while using this glitch. You may get ban for this. I just used it on my tester penguin because I’m afraid that I might get ban, plus, I don’t need these money as I’m not a member. Use these money wisely.

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April 24, 2009

April 24th New Pin – Tree Pin

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The new pin locates the right side of the Dojo Courtyard. Pin’s Codename – Tree! Not a really sweet pin! But it’s better compare with the Chocolate Bunny Pin! Wadda ya’ll think guys?


April 22, 2009

Penguins Getting Paid

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Good news here! Starting May 1st,  All Penguin Secret Agent or tour-guide will get paid every month for doing these jobs! Billybob is not giving out any details, but he said Aunt Artic will publish about it on The Penguin Time during 23rd April 09. Sweet! I wonder how do they update all the jobs!


April 17, 2009

April 2009 Furniture Catalog

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Hey! Und3ro4th97 here.

Just so you know, I am a new worker on this site! I forgot to tell you guys. Sorry. Well, below this sentence is the cheats for the new Furniture Catalog!

The April 2009 Furniture Catalog is out! Check it out!

April 2009 Furniture Catalog Cover

It is full of spring-y stuff! :)


April 2009 Furniture Catalog Cheats

Click the bottom part of the Poodle Plant for a Wheelbarrow.

1wheelbarrow (Click to Enlarge)

Click the right cornstalk for a Picket Fence.

1picketfence (Click to Enlarge)

Click the Electric Guitar Shadow Box for a Disco Ball.

1discoball (Click to Enlarge)

Click “Puffle” in “Puffle Posters” for a White Puffle Poster.

1whitepuffleposter (Click to Enlarge)

Click the Pinata for an Aquarium.

1aquarium (Click to Enlarge)

More to come!


April 16, 2009

Club Penguin Times Issue #183

Hello everyone! Club Penguin Times Issue #183 has been released, and has given us interesting information!


You know those inner tubes/toboggans at the Ski Hill? Well, get ready members, because there will be a brand new, improved version of another one that you’ll be able to buy!


There will also be new tunes, available for members, to dance too in the Dance Contest!

Here are the upcoming events!



Be sure to come here tomorrow for the Better Igloo Catalog cheats!

Medieval Party Sneak Peek

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The comment from Club Penguin What’s New Blog have decided choice #3! Here’s the picture of choice #3!

med3The Meideval Party will go from May 8 – 17. And here’s a glimp that Billybob brought for us! It’s sure look pretty cool… dragon! And Billiybob also said there’s something special for member… NOT AGAIN!!!! 😦

medievalsneekpeekAnd i’m leaving the computer until Sunday, so authors, it’s all in you all hand! Thanks!

April 11, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt 2009 Video Guide

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April 10, 2009

April 10 New Pin – Chocolate Bunny Pin

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The new pin is the Chocolate Bunny Pin! Go to the forest and get it now! Can I eat it? It look delicious!


Easter Egg Hunt Cheats

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Happy Good Friday! Fella Friends! I lovez egg! Especially for da hard boiled egg! Click on the grey-and-white egg to start the easter egg hunt!

Click on the nightclub spotlight for the first egg!

easterThe second egg is in the cove!

easter-2For the third egg, move your cursor 0n the Cart Surfer game in the Cave!

easter3The fourth egg is the lantern in the Dojo Courtyard!

easter41Click on the grey hat for the fifth egg in the gift shop!

easter5Click on the fish for the sixth egg in the Ski Lodge!

easter6The seventh egg is in the mountain, click the top of the pole!

easter7The last egg is in the Lighthouse Beacon, click on the light switchbar!

easter8When you collected all the eggs, click Clain Prize!

easter9The prize for it is the Pink bunny Ears!


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