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Cheats and Glitches

Found some cheats that is not publish here yet? Send your cheats, glitches or secret to ! Full credits will be given!

1.Rainbow bracelet: Go to the Book Room which is upstairs of the Coffee Shop. Find a book in the library with a title of”Rockhopper And The Stowaway” Go to the last page and click on the Rainbow Bracelet!


2.Rockhopper’s key: Go to the book room which is upstairs the coffee shop. Find a book in the library with a title of “The Journal Of Rockhopper” Go until the last page and click on the Rockhopper Key!


3.Fish A Mullet: At the end of the game, you may see a mullet getting nearer to you. Get a yellow fish on your lure and wait for the mullet to get near the fishing lure. Let the mullet eat the yellow fish. fish-mullet

4.Astro Barrier cheats 1: On the Astro Barrier game menu, press 1, 2 or 3 to skip to level 10, 20 or 30.

5.Astro Barrier cheats 2: On level 10 and 30, wait for the blue ship to appear on the instruction menu. Shoot the blue ship and it’ll take you to secret/expert level!


6.Astro Barrier cheats 3: On level 7 instruction, shoot the blue target for an extra life!


7.Newspaper secret:Each time when you are reading the newspaper, remember to click on the words “Joke” or “Riddles” to find out secret jokes and riddles. ( Note: This secret is unavailable for most of the newspaper! )

8.Sitting Forward: Prss the “S” arrow key and you ca sit on any direction you like!


9.Hidden Emote: Connect “E” and other key and you’ll find out more secret emotion! Example shows below.


10.Jet Pack Cheats: Avoid collecting any single coin in Jet Pack Adventure and you’ll get 1000 coins at the end of the game!


11.Surfing cheats: Take your Red Puffle to the cove and Go Surfing, the Red Puffle will surf together with you.


12.Pizzatron 3000 Secret: Switch the switchbox to the other direction and you’ll play Pizzatron 3000 in desert mode!


13. Silver Surfboard: Click on the word “WAVES” in the Cove Catalog for the Silver Surfboard.


14.Talk Fast: Press “H” to say “Hello” while “B” for “Good-Bye”

15. Dance using keyboard: Press “D”  to dance.


16. Throw Snowball Fast: Throw snowball fast by pressing T on your keyboard and keep clicking the left mouse button quick!


17. Wave fast: Press “W” to wave.


18. PST Code: The Secret Agent Code on the Penguin Standard Time Clock is “By G” Proofs that the PST is made by Gary!


19. How to spam fast: Press “J” to spam.

20. Hold down “enter” and the clothing item on your penguin will dissapear!holding-enter1

21. Sled Racing Glitch: Sit on the sled and press any of your arrow key. Your penguin will be sitting a different direction!


22. If you see a dialog says “(Penguin Name) is hiding” or “(Penguin Name) is on an adventure” That means they’re either in the HQ or on a mission.

23. Secret Places: Click he island at the top right of the map to communicate to the ice berg.


24. Binoculars: Look in the binocular in the cove and you’ll see a penguin playing Hydro-Hopper.


25. Throw Snowball Fastet:Hold down the “T” button and keep clicking on your left mouse button to throw snowball faster.

26. How to make the newspaper stand: Move your cursor to the last newspaper and hold down your left mouse button until the front. Do the same thing to the other newspaper too.

27. Wear on an item that’ll make sounds when you wave. Hold down “w” , you can hear only the sound of your item as you’re not waving.

28. Blank Speech Bubble: Keep pressing “spacebar” in your speech bubble then press enter and you’ll see a blnk Speech Bubble.


29. Camouflage: Wear blue and go to the ice berg. Stand near the sea and you’ll have a same color with the sea.


30. Camouflage: Wear green in the soccer pitch and go bottom of the soccer pitch.You will have a same color with the field! (Note: The Soccer Pitch had been replaced with the Ice Rink)


31. Pet Shop: Compare the Pet Shop from outside and inside, what’s the difference? Still can’t get it? Count how  many doorway from two places!


32. Walking Away while waiting player in Sled Racing: While waiting for others to join you for Sled Racing, click another path way of Sled Racing. Example: You are waiting on Bunny Hill, click Express Run. Your penguin should now be walking away from the Sled Racing Path.


33. Aqua Grabber Full Guide:

34. Aqua Grabber with Puffle: Take a Pink Puffle and go play Aqua Grabber. The Pink Puffle will dive with you and give you lots of oxygen!


35. Walking Away while playing Find Four: Work both no matter waiting or playing. Click on other Find Four Board or the door and you’ll walk away from the Find Four Board you’re playing.


36. Walk Away from Mancala: Do the same thing as the Find Four glitch.


37. Become a Ninja:

38. How to Beat The Sensei:

39. How to Walk On Pathway: Go to any place in Club Penguin. ( Suggest the Town /Plaza ) Click on the pathway. While you’re walking, quickly click on the Penguin Mail and wait for a few seconds. Close it and you’ll see yourself on the pathway.


40. How to go to the Underground: There are two ways to the Underground in Club Penguin. The first way is the Night Club while the second way is the Plaza.

This is the way to the Pool which is located at the Plaza.

This is the way to the Boiler Room which is located in the Night Club.

41. How to get the Night-Vision Goggles: Open the FISH catalog which is in the HQ. Click on the sunglasses to get the Night-Vision Goggles.


42. Earn more coins in Ice Fishing: Order a Flashing Lure Fishing Rod and wear it to Ice Fishing. You can now fish grey fish too! A grey fish cost 8

43. How to catch the Grey Fish: Order the Flashing Lure Fishing Rod at the Sport Shop if you are a member. Then wear it in your penguin and play Ice Fishing.


44. Ridge Run Glitch: Just think how could you sled down in Ridge Run where there’s no path to sled down! 😆

45. Dance Contest: Member can bring the purple puffle to the Dance Contest and the purple puffle wll dance with you!


46. How to play expert level in the Dance Contest: Click on Cadence when she ask you which diffuculity would you like to choose. You’ll connect to the expert level.cadence

47.  Paint By Letters Hidden Coin Cheats: My Puffle / Burnt Out Bulbs / Lime green Dojo Clean

48. Change Your Furniture Item: When you take items out of storage to place it in your igloo, remember to hit the arrow keys to see if anything of the furniture item had changed!

49. Learn How to be A Tour-Guide: Click here

50. Learn How to be A Secret Agent: Click here

51. White Puffle Glitch: If you own a white puffle, click the white puffle playercard in your igloo and it will turn to a yellow puffle playercard!



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    Comment by aidan — March 7, 2009 @ 10:08 am

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