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September 14, 2009

Back! From Nowhere~

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This is Girard85


May 9, 2009

Medieval Party ’09 Cheats

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Hey everyone! Are you enjoying the Medieval Party? Well, I’m here to help some of you out by giving you some cheats.

First of all, pick up your Wizard Hat in the Lighthouse.

Wizard Hat




 After that, go to the Town and click on this poster.

Knights Needed





It’ll take you inside a cave, and in front of a big gate.

Big Gate









Only members are allowed to go inside this cave and do the quest.

Follow these steps to obtain the three free items.

  1. Stand on all of the platforms to light up all of the orbs.
  2. Hit 50 targets, and pick up your free Golden Shield.
  3. Pick up your free Golden Knight’s Helmet. To complete this maze, go downleft, down, right, right, up.
  4. After you complete the maze, pick up your Golden Knight’s Armor! That’s all!

When your done with all that, go to the Gift Shop. In the bottom right-hand corner, there is a scroll. Click on it. I don’t know if you’ve realized, but that’s the Medieval Catalog! All of the items are for members, except one background. Also, be sure to collect your pin in the Boiler Room!

Enjoy the party!

April 17, 2009

April 2009 Furniture Catalog

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Hey! Und3ro4th97 here.

Just so you know, I am a new worker on this site! I forgot to tell you guys. Sorry. Well, below this sentence is the cheats for the new Furniture Catalog!

The April 2009 Furniture Catalog is out! Check it out!

April 2009 Furniture Catalog Cover

It is full of spring-y stuff! :)


April 2009 Furniture Catalog Cheats

Click the bottom part of the Poodle Plant for a Wheelbarrow.

1wheelbarrow (Click to Enlarge)

Click the right cornstalk for a Picket Fence.

1picketfence (Click to Enlarge)

Click the Electric Guitar Shadow Box for a Disco Ball.

1discoball (Click to Enlarge)

Click “Puffle” in “Puffle Posters” for a White Puffle Poster.

1whitepuffleposter (Click to Enlarge)

Click the Pinata for an Aquarium.

1aquarium (Click to Enlarge)

More to come!


March 21, 2009

Penguin Play Award & Stage Catalog Secret

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The Penguin Play arrived yesterday and I apolodgize for posting late because I was busy with my Facebook Account yesterday!


The Penguin PLay Award is only available for member, non-member can’t go in to the stage but can only vote at the Voting Booth!


In the Stage, follow the exit to the Backstage! And check out the SwitchBox3000 too!


And this is what the Backstages looks like! Pretty cool!


Free items for only member! – The PEnguin Play Award Oscar!


I received a new’s that ALL Famous Penguin will be here. Incluiding The Penguin Band, Rockhopper, Gary and Aunt Artic! They all will be here! This is a full set of the famous penguin background. Picture credit to Abdullahhhh!


I’m not really a professional in making tracker, or you can say I don’t even know the basic way of making tracker, but there’s one. Incase you don’t know, he’s Straw000, make sure to visit his site for a 100% Accurate Tracker. Click here to go there directly!

These are the Stage Costume Catalog Secret!

1) Click the Golden Penguin Play Award for the Penguin Play Background!


2) For the Time Travel Hat,click on the Green Wig on the title!


3) Click on the word “VS” for the Squidzoid Costume!


And it seems like Club Penguin didn’t write down the name of the costume and also, the price. Is this kinda of a glitch?

Furniture Catalog Secret

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The new catalog is out and these are all the secrets and cheats in the March/April furniture catalog!

1) Click the Eletric Guitar Shadow Box for the Disco Ball!



2) Click the word “Puffle” in the big words “Puffle Poster” for the White Puffle Poster!


3) Click on the Koi Pond for the Ice Table!

mc4mc54) For the Aquarium, click on the Pinata!

mc65) To buy the Welcome Mat, click on the Velvet Rope!

mc76) Click the Snow Castle on the right to get the Green Birdhouse!


March 18, 2009

Snow Sculpture Update

Hey everyone! The Snow Sculpture “Party” is near, and Club Penguin decided to give us a sneak peek. But before that, I wanted to remind you that for 3 weeks, you’ll see five new snow sculptures around the island. They’ll be in different places around the island.

Well, here’s a sneak peek.


Remember, in only a couple of days, the Penguin Play Awards will begin! So, do you have some cool outfit picked out for the Penguin Play Awards? Comment your answers!

March 13, 2009

Penguin Play Preparation

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There is a new play at the sthe tage, the title of play is named”Under Construction” 😆

The Club Penguin is preparing for the Penguin Play which is on March 20. The stage is sure very creepy during under construction, especially while you’re alone in there. And the play is only for member. *sob



St. Patrick Day Cheats

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Hi ya, long time no see! As seen as I was preparing my examination, I can’t use the computer, so sorry, I may be VERY busy this year!

This is the St. Patrick Party Cheat, the St. Patrick Party on this year is much more cooler then last year.

Go to the coffee shop for the Shamrock Hat which was released before on 2007 year St. Patrick!


While here is the new pin cheat. It is located at the Mountain which was on top of a bunch of golden shinny coin, I’m thinking of being a millionaire now! Yum!


As for a special building on only St.Patrick Party, it’s call the Leprechaun’s House. And it’s only available for member. This is the background of the Leprechaun’s House.



And make sure you get the free Accordion, members! You can make a special dance by just wearing ONLY the Accordion.


February 27, 2009

Rockhopper Return Cheats & Migrator Glitches

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Our great pirates – Captain Rockhopper had landed on Club Penguin and payed us for a visit! Make sure to waddle on to his ship and play the Treasure Hunt Game! He also bought us an old item which is known as the Treasure Map Background, wonder if we can really find that treasure!


Click the island on the Wall Map for the Porthole!


And check out the Migrator Glitches at the beach fast. The word “Migrator” on the ship keep changing from Portuguese to English, English to Portuguese. Pretty cool eh? Thanks to Mimo777 for this glitches! Guess you all know him after all…


And looks like Rockhopper will be taking his puffle – Yarr for a walk. So when you met him, he must be with his puffle. Look at the sign board and the Migrator Ship for proofs!



Club Penguin O’Berry Pin Cheat

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This is the Club Penguin New Pin Cheat. Go to the Ice Berg, the O’berry pin is at the down left! The pin… so cute!


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