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February 27, 2009

Rockhopper Return Cheats & Migrator Glitches

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Our great pirates – Captain Rockhopper had landed on Club Penguin and payed us for a visit! Make sure to waddle on to his ship and play the Treasure Hunt Game! He also bought us an old item which is known as the Treasure Map Background, wonder if we can really find that treasure!


Click the island on the Wall Map for the Porthole!


And check out the Migrator Glitches at the beach fast. The word “Migrator” on the ship keep changing from Portuguese to English, English to Portuguese. Pretty cool eh? Thanks to Mimo777 for this glitches! Guess you all know him after all…


And looks like Rockhopper will be taking his puffle – Yarr for a walk. So when you met him, he must be with his puffle. Look at the sign board and the Migrator Ship for proofs!




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  1. I Saw That Glitch Too. I Was Trying To Catch It When It Said “Migrator” In Portugese, But I Couldn’t.

    Comment by Piplup U — February 27, 2009 @ 1:36 pm

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