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December 30, 2008

Mission 10 Guide – Waddle Squad

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1. Talk to G, Rookie and the other agent with a jep-pack. G said that you will be  included in a special team mission! ( That’s cool )

2. On the half-way talking to G, Herbert will hack into all the screen of HQ and talk to G.  And Rookie will broke the secret of the Golden Puffle in accidentally.

3. After Herbert finnish talking, the leader of HSSA, wait, no, I mean the leader of PSA speaks to all of you.

4. After he finnish speaking, grab the solar source in the yellow box beside G.


5. Go to the Gift Shop and talk to the Green Penguin, take the bunch of item, box of ball and the brown table beside him and put it into your inventory.


6.Scroll to the right and talk to Rookie till he shut up. lol ( By Ojoc ) Grab the solar panel and place it on the broken wire. Now solve the puzzle. This is the answer for the whole puzzle.

7. Go outside the gift shop and set up all the table, clothes and boxes under the red flag.

8. Go to the beach and talk to the Jet Pack Agent. He said that he needs some barrel of cream soda.

9.  Go to the lighthouse and put the barrel beside the yard into your inventory.
10. Go back to the beach and give the Jetpack  Penguin the Barrel of Cream Soda. He will give you a mission to do. You have to divide two bottle of Cream Soda into four.

11. You can get the guide by clicking on the help bottle. It is easy after you see the guide.

12. After he is off with his jetpack, go to the dock and talk to the green penguin. Call him to give you the rope in his hand. Put the rope into your inventory.

13. Go to the Night Club.

14. Attach the rope to the metal cage and the lever device.

15. Pull up the lever device. Unfortunately, the device will break.

16. Take out your wrench in your spyphone and unscrew the metal panel.

17. Click inside of the lever device and fix all the gear. ( The answer of everyone is different. )

18. Go back to the HQ and answer your spyphone call. The jetpack penguin said that he spotted Herbert in the Dock.

19. Go to the Dock and you will spot Klutsy the crab acting as Herbert. But it escape to nowhere.

m10820. You receive another call from Rookie that Herbert is at the Night Club.

21. You will see Herbert will be trying to grab the Golden Puffle. Pull down the lever device and Herbert will be trapped.

22. Unfortunately, Herbert manage to escape again. G will order every agent to move in the night club. Herbert is trying to get the Golden Puffle from the giant magnet again.

23. Take the Jet Pack from the JetPack Penguin and place it on the cage. herbert is trapped again.

24. After G stop talking, Herbert said his last wish is to make a phone call. That ( GRR… ) Rookie lend him the spy phone and he escape again.

25. The mission ended. Receive your medal.


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    Comment by snowy1900 — December 30, 2008 @ 11:36 pm

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