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December 14, 2008

A Bunches Of Cheats

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Returning Of Rockhopper

Hey guys, first of all, I wanted to say sorry for not posting for very late, because there are internet interuption in certain areas in three states of Malaysia – Kedah, Perak and Selangor. 😦 Ok back to the cheats.

Rockhopper had return with his decorated green Migrator with a new free item! – The Red Sailor’s Cap. It is avaible for both member and non-member. Clickthe paper on the bottom right at your screen and click RECEIVE ITEM.


And the Treasure Hunt is update as Candy Hunt, you will have to dig for candy not treasure. But I think that this is even fun then digging treasure! 😀


Oh, and you can donate the Coin For Changes in the Captain Headquarter too!


The New Stage – Quest For The Golden Puffle

Waddle on to the stage and check out the new stage – Quest for The Golden Puffle!

Oh, and there’s a hidden catalog in the costume catalog. Click the Golden puffle on the 2nd page for the Crook & Flail.


Coin For Change

For those who didn’t attend the Coin For Change in last year, you can now get your cute little bell in the beach and plaza now! 🙂 (  Seriously it is cute lol )

BUT, remember to donate for the Coin for Change too. I Girard85 had donated 3000 coins to each section and I swear 😉



Dec to Jan Furniture Catalog Secret

These are the hidden furniture in the Dec. Furniture Catalog Secret. Looks like Club Penguin didn’t grand my wish about playing board games in igloo… 😦

Click the Holly for the Leaning Tree in page 5.


Click the Velvet Rope on page 12 for the Welcome Mat.



Author Needed

Since my connection is not working well always, I might want to apply some authors. But, I want an author that TRULY wants to help. So, please read the information below.

You will have to comment and fill in this,

  • ( Your Name )
  • ( Your Website )
  • ( Your e-mail address )
  • ( Tell me that you want to publish this comment or not )

REMEMBER that I only wants author that truly wants to help and have good language. I will not have an author competition, if I see yur blog  is active and have good English grammar, I will just apply you.


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  1. Good Post ! =-)

    Comment by shyshy6510 — December 14, 2008 @ 7:11 pm

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