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November 13, 2008

About Ninja in Club Penguin Newspaper Issue#161

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The most exciting things wrote in Club Penguin newspaper issue#161 is……. We can be a ninja NOW! The story is below……

The penguin who keeps on digging out the snow is name as Sensei. Actually, it is not a name. A Sensei is a person who train ninja, samurai and warriors. The sensei usually teaches the student in a temple, Dojo, hut. And these places are located on top of the mountain! Back to Club Penugin.

The Sensei returned from a great journey o Club Penguin, why? He is opening a school using the Dojo. And he seek student that wants to become a ninja and loves to play card-game. And that card game name is…… Card-Jitsu.

The Card-Jitsu game will be on 17th November 2008. And the game will be in the Dojo!

This is the proof that we all will become a ninja!

ninjanewsAnother cool news, the Sensei had invited us to the Dojo for the Dojo’s Grand Opening on November 14 2008 and it ends at November 16 2008!

dojo-grand-oWanna meet me? I’ll be in the Dojo or the Dojo Exterior during November 15 starting 1159 p.m. PST.

Hope to see you there!


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