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November 12, 2008

Coin For Changes Will Return

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Hi everyone, I have a good news for you’ll today. The Coin For Change will return to Club Penguin this year again. As those new player of Club Penguin don’t know, the Coin For Change is for veryone in Club Penguin to donate money to three causes that help kids around the world! And it will return on this year 12th December. The Coin For Change return because the Club Penguin Team receive a huge response and many people told them they want it this year again.


The History of Coin For Change

Last year, a ONE MILLION dollars is donated between three causes to hel the kids around the world. And don’t you guy think they are just like playing game, they are using the coins in Club Penguin donated by us, change into dollars and donate it. Pretty sweet huh? Those who attended the Coin For Change last year, if you want to see how was your donation last year change the world, go to this website,

Last year Coin For Change party was held the same time as the 2007 Christmas party. And there’s a free item for Coin for Change too! It is a bell, you can ring it by just waving your hand! And if you donate some coin, you will receive a postcard, it will be in your ( Award ) category.

So, please start saving your coin now ( incluiding myself ) to help change the world. You can make a difference!

Waddle On!


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