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October 29, 2008

Halloween Free Item and Candy Hunt

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The Halloween is here! It is the best party ever! First, go to the Snow Fort and take the Pumpkin Basket there!

The Candy Hunt

Here is the answer for the Candy Hunt for this Halloween.

The first treat is located at the Snow Fort, click the blue flag and the chocolate bar will rise up!

The second treat is at the Dance Lounge. Click the lamp and the candy will rise up!

The third treat is at the Lodge Attic in a box. Click the box and the lolipop candy will come out from the box.

The 4th treat is located in the Plaza. Click the green liquid in the bowl for the pink candy.

The 5th treat is in the Cove. Click the notice sign bar and a pumpkin candy will jump out and land on top of the hut. Click the pumpkin candy.

The 6th treat is located at the ice berg. Click the light and it will form a constellation candy!

The 7th treat is located at the lighthouse beacon. Wait until the third flashes in the sky and the candy will hang in the Jack-O-Lantern left eye.

The last candy is in the book room ( On top of the coffee shop ) Move your cursor to the book on the shelf and take the candy.

After you take all the candy, claim your prize.

The prize is the Giant Pumpkin Background.

And for those member, remember to buy a Rad Scientist Costume and go to the Secret Lab through the book room. Click the green light candle and a secret passage will open. There is a free lantern in there.

And here is a full screen of the Secret Lab.

P.S: I believe that i saw ninja in the Dojo and I swear it. But the time they show off is about half a second, and their shadow appear when the flashes sometimes! Check out the Dojo to see it yourself.



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