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October 17, 2008


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Rockhopper had just arrived in Club Penguin before I write this post! Ok, the things happen like this, I were doing some funny pictures in the dock, and suddenly, a crowed came in, and I saw the hat of Rockhopper. And the server is Crystal this time! When he came in, I am in time to take one shot.

Then he went to the coffee shop and told us a story- The Migrator. Later, he said “PIRATES TO THE ICE BERG” So I followed and take a shot. We try to tip the ice berg but he didn’t want to.

And then, he play tag with us!

We went to the cove and dance!

Go to the town to get more pirates, that’s what he say!

Then, he end at the Migrator ship. Well had a lot of fun meeting him. This is only the second time I meet him. The first time was when this blog was not open yet.

I try to “buddy” him, but it say I had already had that item. So it means it is still the background. And now we can’t do anything to him like visits his home, find him, message him or ignore him! Whoa, see if I am lucky enough to meet him for the third time!


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