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October 8, 2008

Club Penguin Mission 9

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Here is the Mission 9 guide- Spy and Seek! (video coming soon)

1. Talk to G, then take these item below.

2. Go to the Ski Lodge,talk to the penguins which is playing Find Fours, then take all the Find Four pieces. They are located at on a a) stool under the phone, b) on the window seal and c) on the ladder.

3. Go up to the ladder (which is the Lodge Attic) Click the Find Four pieces on these places. a) on a box between the red and blue sofa. b) on a box beside the red sofa. c) on a table beside the old fashion radio (lol) d) beside G’s Finger Powered Laptop e) a corner near the wooden horse.

P.S: you can put all the Find Four pieces in 1 column

4.Take the string under the mat, then go down and give the penguins the Find Four pieces.

5. Go to the plaza, click the penguins, when the puffle had blow the bubble gum and the gum will burst and stick to the penguin’s face, help them by clicking the  gum and ask them for the bubble gum.

6. Once you have it, put it together with the yellow duck.

7. Go to the Dock and you can see a penguin having problems with the Hydro-Hopper boat. Talk to him and help him by dragging and holding the brown start handle and pull it out. Then ask the penguins for the pump.

8.Put the pump together with the duck, the screen should be like this now.

9. Pull the pump handle up and down until the yellow duck is big enough. Then put it together with the tracking devices.

9. Go to the ice berg, put the duck into the sea.

10. Go to the forest and take the sticks and put it together with the blueprint, string and tracking devices.

11. Put the kite with the tracking devices on the poll in the mountain.

12. Go to the Mine Shack, talk to Rory and click the black beam.

13.Shift the wood and make the black beam right lower than left like this.

14. Rory now will call you to fix the cart. Click the cart to flip it up and click the cart again to take a closer look. Weld up all the cracks.

15. Place the tracking devices in the cart, then click the cart for it to go. Now you should get a phone from G, go back to HQ and talk to G. Take the Binoculars 3000

16. Go to the Ski Lodge and go to “Gone Fishing” go to the right and look at the binoculars, after they go away, go to Herbert camp.

17. At Herbert camp, getthe spy phone and place it into your inventory.

18. Go near the exit to the Ski lodge, place your spy phone and Binoculars together and put them at the green tree like below. (In this picture, i did not place it into the tree yet)

18. Now get back to HQ and talk to G, then watch the monitors.

19. Herberts will found the camera than talk to G again, the mission will be end.

20. Claim your gift and prizes. (My hand is shaking now)


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